It is with great sadness that we announce that many of us here at the station have lost faith in humanity. We recently discovered that several of our favorite records have gone missing from KQVR’s collection.

While these albums have no commercial value, they are irreplaceable. Many of the records were created by obscure artists who never attained any level of success in their music careers. So, if someone stole them hoping to re-sell them, they will quickly discover that they have no monetary value.

However, we can not express how precious these records are to us. If you have any information about the missing albums, please reach out to us, or you can return the records to the studio, no questions asked.

We delayed as long as possible before posting this news, hoping the records would turn up. Since they haven’t, we’re hoping one of our listeners will have some information. There are at least 30 records missing. Here are a few of the albums that have gone missing:

2 thoughts on “Vinyl Collection Goes Missing From KQVR

  1. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing as I talk for a living, I think those numbers are way off base..but I will say that these images of missing records are worth at least twelve words.

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