Party goers became concerned last week, when area woman, Tildy Layshun, could not be found at the end of the night.

“We were all having such a great time that I guess I didn’t notice when she disappeared,” said Layshun’s long-term boyfriend Ben Ajurck.

Layshun’s friends walked the perimeter of the party searching for her.  They found her coat and purse still checked with the coat check attendant. So they concluded that she had not left the party.

“Eventually, I sent one of her girl friends into the restroom to check if she was there,” said Ajurck.

“When I found Tildy in the bathroom I was worried that she was upset with us, but she insisted that she was neither ill nor feeling emotional,” said Layhshun’s good friend, Amanda Subjugate. “I decided that this added up because Tildy isn’t prone to emotional outbursts and is generally good-natured.

When we tracked Layshun down to comment on the story, she expressed shock that her disengagement from the festivities created such a ruckus.

“The party was fine. I had a good time. I talked to everyone I wanted to talk to, ate some food, stashed some snacks in my purse for later, and then I was all partied out. I knew Ben would want to linger. He always wants to stay talk to everyone much longer than I want to be anywhere, so I slipped away to the bathroom, closed the lid of the toilet, sat on it, plugged some headphones into my cellphone and streamed a movie I’d been hoping to see. If you haven’t seen JoJo Rabbit, it’s fantastic – way better than making small talk with people you don’t particularly care about. I highly recommend it.”

Layshun says she hopes that her retreat into the bathroom to avoid party guests inspires others to live their best lives. Mostly she thinks that her behavior shouldn’t have been particularly noteworthy. But, since the incident has received attention in the press, she would like her actions to be considered an homage to “Michael In The Bathroom” a work of genius from the underrated Broadway show, Be More Chill.