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Dave Hannon

Dave began playing piano at 6 years old.  In those early years of sitting down at a piano, he was always composing his own songs, instead of practicing his actual lessons.  On his 13th birthday, a friend taught him his first three chords on the guitar and, since then, Dave has never looked back. 

After graduating from Gonzaga in 2005, Dave began signing up at open mics in early 2006 in the Spokane area.  It just so happened that a very talented crop of singer/songwriters happened to be living there at this same time.  2007 found Dave expanding his catalogue of original songs and making the leap from performing at open mics to becoming more of a regularly booked artist in the Spokane area, also performing shows in the Spokane and Seattle areas, as well as completing a solo tour of the Inland Northwest that same year. 

In 2008, Dave toured the Western Region of the U.S. with close friend and fellow singer/songwriter Kristen Marlo.  It is in these first two years, with two tours and several shows under his belt, that Dave continued his way in developing and carving out his own individual sound and work ethic, reflected in his first two EP’s – “Better For The Long While,” (2008) and “Bridge” (2008).

2008 also brought Dave back to the west side of Washington State.  It was in this move back to his hometown of Tacoma where drummer Steve Albert approached Dave about playing shows together.  Soon after, Dave and Steve brought bassist Ian Webb aboard, forming the pop/rock trio, Automatic Theory, in early 2009.  Several tours followed, accumulating approximately 600 shows as a band from 2009 to 2012.  The band released a 6-song EP entitled “Two Sides” in April of 2012.  Automatic Theory played their last show as a trio in mid-September of 2012.

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