Area man, Austen Tayshus, put out a request today on several community message boards for donations of human teeth.  Police, seeing the request, became concerned and investigated, only to discover that Tayshus thinks of himself as an “Artist.”

“As far as we can tell he’s harmless,” said police sergeant, Richard Throb, “He says he makes mobiles out of discarded human materials but that the materials are difficult to procure because many online marketplaces have rules against selling human biological material.”

We reached out to Tayshus who refused to speak to us over the phone. He has a theory that cellular networks release an undocumented kinetic energy that saps creativity. However, he referred us to an artist statement on his website.

“I want to explore the parts of ourselves that we slough off. Skin, teeth, hair, excretions, each of these undervalued pieces of ourselves contain the most intimate details of who we are and who we will become. They reflect a fierce beauty we refuse to acknowledge.”

Tayshus will continue accepting donations of teeth through the end of the year. His mobiles are not for sale online, but can be bid on at various silent auctions around the community next year.