An unidentified area man was cajoled into hunting for a themed geo cache which he had no personal interest in discovering. 

After weeks of prodding from online acquaintances in a digital forum related to a video game, the man agreed to ride his motorcycle to a lagoon and poke around in some bushes.

His journey was fruitful, as he retrieved a themed geo-cache for a video game that has yet to be released to the public. Despite the game being unreleased, a handful of people have become obsessed with the characters within the game, claiming there is some sort of puzzle or mystery being revealed in what they call an “Alternate Reality Game.”

The only mystery we see here, is, what was in the Piñata, and did he win anything on those scratch tickets?

As it turns out. PAX did not stand for Programming Airwave Xcitement.  The radio broadcasting conference we thought we were attending was actually a video game convention. No one at Utopitech understands how we managed to register for a radio conference that doesn’t exist, they blamed the error on a faulty algorithm of some kind. 

Our staff made the best of it, learning a lot about video games, meeting some awesome cosplayers, and giving out vinyl, mugs, and t-shirts. As the only radio station promoting themselves at the convention, we think we stood out.

A Virtual Reality game let us share their booth so we could have a KQVR presence at the convention, and we made their booth a little more exciting with some fun station giveaways. Plus we learned a lot about virtual reality, a technology that may come in handy if spending time outdoors or in groups is no longer permitted in the near future.

In a way, we feel like we’ve been part of something historic, as PAX may be one of the last massive conventions to be held  this year. The station, lead by corporate oversight from Utopitech took extra precautions after PAX to ensure our staff members did not bring Covid-19 back to the community we have committed ourselves to serving. We have yet to learn of any cases of Covid-19 coming out of the PAX convention, so we are excited to announce that we will be resuming our regular programming tomorrow. We look forward to easing your stir-crazy self-imposed isolation with folk music from area musicians.

Despite fears, no documented cases of Covid-19 from PAX


We apologize for our hasty reporting of stolen albums from our radio station. It turns out that the missing vinyl was not pilfered from our collection, but intentionally winnowed down in new station updates.

Some staff are having a difficult time with the “spring cleaning” of the record collection. But, check it out, their loss is your gain. The missing albums were intentionally set aside to be given away at the upcoming Programming Airwaves Xcitement Convention in Boston. So, any KQVR fans who attend PAX will have the chance to win a record from the station. (Along with other promotional giveaways.) 

The albums are all packed up and ready to fly, as is our staff who are a picture of excitement…or should we say Xcitement!

An area man, who asked to remain anonymous, admitted this morning that he thinks he may have gotten a little too caught up in the romance of the holiday weekend.

“I’ve always loved romance. I love the idea of love. And… I don’t know, I was just thinking about Valentine’s Day and I guess I got a little ahead of myself.” 

 The unidentified hopeless romantic said he’d been dating a girl off an on for several months before V-Day.

“We’d kept things pretty casual, and I think it was working out alright for us. But I’m afraid my big romantic gesture has changed our dynamic.”

The area man’s girlfriend was thrilled with the surprise that the area man gave her. He refused to go into any detail about the surprise itself, for fear that it might identify him. But he assures us that the couple had a wonderful weekend together. 

“It’s not that the romantic gesture backfired. If anything it went too well. I’m afraid that I set the bar too high. Now that I’ve done this, what will she expect for her birthday or our anniversary? What will be expected of me if I ever choose to propose? I can’t keep up this kind of thoughtfulness for years. So, I guess I will either have to break up with her or live in the shadow of her disappointment for the rest of our relationship.”



The KQVR crew is excited to announce that we’ll be traveling to Boston at the end of this month for the Programming Airwaves Xcitement convention. We’ve heard really amazing testimonials from other radio stations about how attending this radio broadcasting convention really infused their station with new energy.

Traveling to attend this convention is one more way for us to show you just how committed we are to giving you the best listening experience possible.

And while there are a few days just for other radio broadcasters, we’ve heard PAX is open to the public Feburary 27th through March 1st. So, we’ll have our live on location booth set up, and we’d love to meet any of our fans who happen to be attending PAX. As always, if you show up to our Live On Location broadcast wearing a station t-shirt, we’ll give you a special gift.

It is with great sadness that we announce that many of us here at the station have lost faith in humanity. We recently discovered that several of our favorite records have gone missing from KQVR’s collection.

While these albums have no commercial value, they are irreplaceable. Many of the records were created by obscure artists who never attained any level of success in their music careers. So, if someone stole them hoping to re-sell them, they will quickly discover that they have no monetary value.

However, we can not express how precious these records are to us. If you have any information about the missing albums, please reach out to us, or you can return the records to the studio, no questions asked.

We delayed as long as possible before posting this news, hoping the records would turn up. Since they haven’t, we’re hoping one of our listeners will have some information. There are at least 30 records missing. Here are a few of the albums that have gone missing:

The Utopitech algorithm recently reported a sharp increase in visitors to the KQVR news blog. Welcome to all our new readers!

While we can’t divulge precisely how many people are reading this blog on a daily basis, we can assure you that it is enough for Utopitech executives to insist that we add advertising to the site.

If you’re interested in placing an advertisement with or having your community event featured as a “premium” event in our calendar, please reach out to the station’s marketing intern.