As it turns out. PAX did not stand for Programming Airwave Xcitement.  The radio broadcasting conference we thought we were attending was actually a video game convention. No one at Utopitech understands how we managed to register for a radio conference that doesn’t exist, they blamed the error on a faulty algorithm of some kind. 

Our staff made the best of it, learning a lot about video games, meeting some awesome cosplayers, and giving out vinyl, mugs, and t-shirts. As the only radio station promoting themselves at the convention, we think we stood out.

A Virtual Reality game let us share their booth so we could have a KQVR presence at the convention, and we made their booth a little more exciting with some fun station giveaways. Plus we learned a lot about virtual reality, a technology that may come in handy if spending time outdoors or in groups is no longer permitted in the near future.

In a way, we feel like we’ve been part of something historic, as PAX may be one of the last massive conventions to be held  this year. The station, lead by corporate oversight from Utopitech took extra precautions after PAX to ensure our staff members did not bring Covid-19 back to the community we have committed ourselves to serving. We have yet to learn of any cases of Covid-19 coming out of the PAX convention, so we are excited to announce that we will be resuming our regular programming tomorrow. We look forward to easing your stir-crazy self-imposed isolation with folk music from area musicians.

Despite fears, no documented cases of Covid-19 from PAX


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